What You Need To Know About Katzman Lampert Law Firm

Katzman Lampert law

For over 40 years the Katzman Lampert law airplane-accident lawyers have earned a reputation as the leading experts in aviation law and have served the needs of helicopter and plane crash victims along with their families.

The senior partners Bruce Lampert and David Katzman are both highly experienced air-accident investigators and plane-crash litigators as well as pilots. These skills offer Katzman Lampert law a unique understanding as well as a perspective of variations that occur in international, state and federal aviation laws in association with commercial and general aviation.

The relationship that this law firm builds with its clients is based on human tragedy when something goes wrong with aviation and it results in death or serious injuries. The Katzman and Lampert Law firm is unique in the way that the aviation attorneys are investigators, engineers, and pilots. These lawyers strongly believe that there is a real need to find out the cause of these aviation tragedies and at the same time obtain just and fair compensation for accident victims as well as their families.

As engineers, applied mathematicians and pilots the lawyers at this firm have the know-how when it comes to assembling an expert team to investigate all the available evidence as well as independently verify and determine what has caused the helicopter or airplane accident. Over and above piloting, the experienced experts employed by this law firm include engineers that are qualified when it comes to reconstructing aircraft crashes, aerodynamics, metallurgy and airplane and engine certification and design. When it comes to litigating and investigating helicopter and airplane crashes, experts who work for Katzman Lampert make use of state-of-the-art laboratories, as well as facilities all across the U.S.

Attorneys at Katzman Lampert also have a track record that is established when it comes to running-down each clue and lead, performing necessary engineering analysis as well as undertaking flight tests required to find out why the accident occurred. These extensive efforts have transformed into advancements in aircraft designs, power plants that are more reliable, and improvements in air-traffic procedures and controls as well as aircrafts that are more crashworthy. Because they are also pilots, they aim to rather prevent accidents into the future opposed to having to re-litigate the same problems all the time. This is the highest goal that they strive to achieve.