How To Get A Russian Visa


Are you interested in getting a Russian Visa? You may want to travel into this country. It is known for many exquisite buildings including the St. Basil’s Cathedral. Perhaps you have family there, or you are going to simply tour as much of the country as you can. In order to go there, you will need to get a visa so that you can enter into Russia legally. The process is very similar to what you will have to go through if you’re going to travel into country like America. Here is how you can get a visa to enter into the Russian nation.

Where To Begin

The best place to begin is by finding your local Russian Embassy. They will have applications for you. You simply need to apply. Before you apply, it is also necessary for you to get what is called an invitation letter. You can make this entire process easier if you can apply for and receive what is called an iVisa. This will ensure that your invitation letter will arrive quickly. By applying online, within about 30 minutes, your invitation letter will be sent.

Do You Need One To Get Into Russia?

The necessity of a visa is often based upon a combination of exemptions and your nationality. There is a handy visa checker system online that you can use. You will have to tell them what your nationality is, where you plan to go, and then you can review all of this information. There are also different types of invitation letters for foreigners that want to come in. This will include a business invitation letter, tourist invitation letter, and other letters that may be applicable to you. Once you have been approved to get your Russian Visa, you can go into the country. It’s really that easy to visit one of the most interesting places in the Western world.

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