Reasons Why You Must Choose Eco-Friendly Labels

With the trend of eco-friendly products, labels, and packaging, you might have been wondering about the reason behind this phenomenon. Earth-friendly shopping is now a growing trend, not only for adults but also for millennials. Whether it is hand-made or machine-made, know that eco-friendly sustainable labels are better to use due to these reasons.

Shoppers Have Become More Environmentally-Conscious

A study by Environmental Leader in 2013 entailed that 71 percent of Americans shoppers always thought about the environment first before purchasing products. Thus, packaging nowadays is under increased scrutiny regarding its environmental impact. Shoppers are also willing to pay more for environmental-friendly products, so having sustainable labels is a great choice.

Prefer Green Shopping For Different Reasons

Why would the shoppers choose to pay more for eco-friendly products? Aside from being made by the company they trust, people also prefer sustainable labels because they are heart-healthy and safer than those inorganic ones. If your company became known for being environmentally-friendly, a lot of shoppers would patronize your products more than before.

Customers Read Product Labels

Shoppers, especially those environmental-conscious ones, tend to read product labels as carefully as possible during their shopping time before buying it. Thus, the information about your product must be readable and clear.

Shoppers nowadays have been more critical about product labels before purchasing a product. According to Perception Research Services (PRS), most customers easily get attracted if they find a “100% recyclable” message on the product. Start using sustainable labels now and ensure that this message is readable for any customers.

Sustainable Labels Are Recyclable

Most shoppers today always prefer recyclable products, from the packaging to labels. According to PRS, one reason why people don’t do recycling is because they always forget to do so. If you put a recyclable tag on your sustainable labels, you can remind your consumers to dispose of the packaging to the recycling bin.

Year by year, the green movement has been widely popular and recommendable for better surroundings. With sustainable labels, you can help promote this movement and also encourage your customers to do the same.